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April 30, 2009

Need a Miracle - You will find it here!. Lorrie is truly a mircale in my life. Her massages and uplifting attitude help me to maintain life with Fibromyalgia and many other illnesses that come and go. I once had a problem with my Rotator cuff so bad it was all I could do to lift my arm, one massage from Lorrie and few sore days, no issues ever again!! Same with carpal tunnel, she is amazing at working out all the issues. I have been to a MANY therapist, many have hurt me more than helped; others did good for the moment. Lorries' massages last longer; and her uplifting attitude just bless me all around. I love my massage therapist!! I couldn't ask for more.

Jeanne A

Lorrie Witcher is a wonderful massage therapist and I love going to her when every I get a chance. She is very knowledgeable about you anatomy and what needs to be done to get those stubborn kinks out of your muscles. It's always a pleasure going and feeling 200% better than you did before the massage. She is always very uplifting and makes your experience the best. My boss gives us gift certificates to Miracle Hands every year for Christmas and it IS the best present I get every year!! I highly recommend Miracle Hands!!

Debbie R


I Just visited Miracle Hands of Massage Therapy and I want to tell you it was the BEST Massage I have ever had in my life. Lorrie is absolutely wonderful and she is so knowledgeable when it comes to your Anatomy. She understood my prescription from the Doctor. I was so impressed that I purchased a package which saved me money. I'm just so thankful that we have people in this world like Lorrie my (massage therapist) who care and has a passion for what she do on a day to day bases. My name is Brenda J and I approve this message:-)
Brenda J
Lorrie Witcher (owner of Miracle Hands of Massage) is magnificent! She is an extremely competent and talented massage therapist. Additionally, her energy and optimism make her a joy to be around. I leave my massage sessions feeling not only relaxed, but uplifted emotionally. Another bonus to massage sessions with Lorrie is that she uses hot stones to supplement her massages. These allow her to work deeply into the muscles, getting out lots of tension and stress. I highly recommend Miracle Hands of Massage - you'll leave there feeling like a new person!
Lorrie is the best massage therapist that I have ever had. I have been using her for years and I will continue to use her. She is the best around. I see her once a week and if for some reason I miss a day,I miss it terribly.
Teresa C
Absolutely the best deep tissue massage ever. Lorrie truly has a gift and delivers it with awesome technique. I highly recommend her. Once you've gone, you'll be hooked! ...
Kristin B